Inspecting & Sampling of raw materials which come from selected and the best regular suppliers and performing analysis procedures as per relevant standards for confirming of quality of materials prior to use for process. Maintaining all physical, chemical & biological; parameters & standards throughout the process to be controlled the each quality parameters of the product for protecting of product quality according to food hygienic.


To preserve quality of our products we use food grade packing material that is approved by FDA. Good Manufacturing Practices are strictly followed, under the close supervision of the Quality Assurance staff, to maintain the highest hygienic standards in the factory.


We follow strict quality controlling procedures and standards parameters to be selected high quality Raw Materials according to our standardized method

We follow strict quality control practices to be controlled product quality throughout the process

We raise modern technological packing instrument to be packed our product for protecting of quality and Nutritious fact of the products.

Quality Assurance

Giving a certification for process that is implemented as per quality standards which we have achieved certifications & company standards /and verification of components of the product are complied according to standards and consumer health as per the rules & regulations of consumer health Authority and any other standards. As well as verifying of stability (Keeping Quality) of each product according to given shelf life.

As we select best quality stuff we take every effort to preserve quality during the period of manufacturing, controlling temperature where necessary, cleanness of machinery and equipment. To maintain the highest hygienic standards in the factory .so it is an assurance regarding quality and we compare with the other trademarks to keep our brand in top of customer.

We have achieved ISO–22000-2005, OHSAS-18001-2007, ISO-14001-2015, ISO-9001-2015 and SLS Certification during past period. Continuous research & developments activities are carried out to enhance the quality of the products.. We proud to say that the customers given us the assurance of quality which can be guaranteed by their satisfaction.