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Meat Curry Powder
Product Description

This is an extraordinary spice mix formulated to enhance the natural flavor of raw and processed meat. The processing conditions are carefully controlled to preserve its unique flavor.


Cilli - Capsicum annum
Pepper- Piper Nigrum
Coriander- Coriandum Sotivum
Cumin seed- Ciminum Cyminum
Fennel seed- Foreniculum Vulgsre p.Miller
Garlic- Allium Sativum
Cardamom- Electtaria Cardamomum
Cinnamon- Cinnamum Zeylanicum
Cloves-Engenia Caryophyllus
Curry leaves- Maraya Koenigii
Rampe-Padanus Latifolius
Lemmon Grass- Cymbopogon citrates

Medical Values

This is an extraordinary spice mix that contains lot of health benefits as it contains several traditional spices more than regular curry powder. It gives all the medicinal properties included in curry powder as well as some additional properties as it contains some additional spices like lemmon grass and coconut. Lemongrass has powerful pain relieving properties and thus it act as a very good pain killer and coconut is useful for boosting our immune system. 

Available Pack Sizes

50g,100g, (250g Packet,Bottle)